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DmC review

DmC has all of the rhythmic flair of the previous devil may cry games. Its fun, stylish and gorgeous. Although it lacks the cryptic story telling of its predecessors it makes up for in starting the story chronologically from the beginning. Gameplay is smooth. It can get a little complicated for both newbies and veterans alike, adding the left and right triggers to create a slew of angel/demon combos. The force feedback is amazing. What is force feedback? A correct combo is greeted with a rumble from the controller. Sadly I will miss the form change introduced in devil may cry 3.

Visually this is a beautiful way to start the year. The background constantly moves, twirling carousels, the walls and roads screaming “KILL DANTE” as the entire world tries to kill you. Its great to see classics like the demon-slaying sword, rebellion and the beautiful twin guns, ebony & ivory return. while dantes new look still hasn’t grown on me(probably should’ve kept the white wig) the overall look of the world and the interactions between the characters more than makes up for it.

Sound wise im going to miss the great voice work of Reuben Langdon, Drew Coombs, and Daniel Southworth. Tim Phillipps lends his voice to the new dante. The new voice matches the new look very well. There’s a lot more heavy metal playing this time around. great voice work and excellent music is only over shadowed by the creepiness of the tone of the game.

Overall the game is fun, stylish, and cool. As a dmc fan I still cant put it above the classic or DMC 3. None of the fights gave me that same satisfying feeling of completion like my first fight against the boss phantom(dmc 1) or Cerberus the ice guardian(dmc 3), but it did keep my attention from the random opening cut scene with random naked dante, all the way to the final credit roll. I have to give DmC an 8 out of 10.



hello again

its the first of december. boy is it cold. thanks everyone for being so patient. i hope youve enjoyed faye’s earth angels comic. i hope to have some sneak peeks of some of my own comics by the beginning of next year. new photos and artwork will be posted one the first of january to celebrate the new year so i hope everyone will be able to join us celebrate this new year. thanks alot.



Hello World!!!

Right. Well, um, um, so, I am Haku Raikou. To those I dont know, nice to meet you. to everyone else, Wassup? here you have it. Mindless Manga: Haku’s Journal. Being able to to do this site the way i wanted has been one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. so…what do you think? I dont have to listen to anyone’s directions now so it’s like the ultimate in independence! yeah! it’s sort of like a student riding his motorcycle into the staff room during class because no teachers are paying attention! that’s about how free i am to do what ever i want!